Fefferetti Foods LTD.

Redefining Taste

Fefferetti Foods is the vehicle for our food businesses and brand expressions. Using this platform, we offer services in the following areas:

Fefferetti Food Court

This is a fusion of different concepts and cultures; and brings together a diversity of flavours in one building. It operates on the principle of “there's something for everyone” . Our restaurants comprise:

  • F-CUBED - A fast food outlet
  • ORIGINS A - restaurant that serves authentic ethnic cuisine
  • SHANG'THAI - An upscale and formal dining restaurant providing Asian cuisine

Corporate Catering Services

We work closely with our clients to create outstanding partnerships based on trust, tasty & healthyfood and excellentservice. We are always evolving and innovating: we inspire our teams to create wonderful food to keep our clients satisfied and keep coming back for more.

Our corporate catering arm provides staff lunches and/or manages the kitchens of various corporate organisations either at their premises or in-situ.

We also provide tea/coffee with accompanying snacks for events such as workshops and seminars. In addition, we offer catering services for corporate events such as: AGMs, Board Meetings, Product Presentations, etc.

While the above lies at the core of our corporate catering services, we are committed to providing tailor made services to our customers. To this end, we also offer specialized bouquets that may include on-shore & off-shore catering services, housekeeping & guest house management.


At our fully functional bakery, we offer different kinds of bread and pastries as well as cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. we are also involved in the production of sugarcraft.

Food Processing & Packaging

This involves taking foods in their natural state and transforming them into safe and visually appealing, marketable and long shelf-life food
products. Effective processing helps with preservation, aids distribution and has its health benefits. Effective food packaging guarantees
that products maintain their freshness, attractiveness, and nutritional value.

Our vision here is to make food, beverages & spices accessible to local and international audience by employing international best practices in processing and packaging. Extra precautions will be taken to ensure our packaged food not only retain its taste but also their freshness and nutritional value.